lunes, 1 de diciembre de 2008


The new Christmas anthem
by pianist Arthur Hanlon
For sale exclusively in digital format

Latin "Novena" with live music from Arthur Hanlon

December 3rd at 7:00pm at the Gibson Center -180 N.E. 39th ST suite 200

To warm hearts this holiday season bring a toy or donation
All toy and donations will be given to Amigos for Kids in your name

Coming in 2009, “Piano Sin Fronteras,” Arthur’s new album with Juanes, Luis Fonsi, Ricardo Montaner, Laura Pausini, Myriam Hernández and Alexandre Pires

“Esta Navidad” (This Christmas), the holiday anthem by pianist Arthur Hanlon with Puerto Rican singer Janina, is available for sale now exclusively in digital format. “Esta Navidad” is an anthem of hope and joy destined to become a radio hit for years to come. The track will be sold together with Arthur’s beautiful orchestral/rock ‘n roll rendition of “Carol of the Bells.”

“Esta Navidad” is featuring up to be a Christmas classic. It is an anthem of optimism and hope borne out of the adversity we live today.

Writing a Christmas track, says Arthur, “Was a personal decision. The world was in war, the U.S. was deporting immigrants—friends of mine included—and the economy was in the dumps. Because the piano is my best friend, my conscience, my therapy and my means of communication, I sat at the piano to write a song of hope, about a place and a time in the future where things would be better. A fantasy where the world is at peace and full love, “THIS CHRISTMAS.”

“Because Spanish is my second language, I called my friend and master lyricist Claudia Brant in Los Angeles to pen the lyrics. As it turned out, Walter Kolm, president of Universal Music Latino, asked me to record a Christmas song, and I knew this song was destined to happen.”

“The last challenge was to find the right singer. I looked for a beautiful voice, with character, emotion, but, above all, positive energy, and I immediately thought about Janina, the rock/pop star. And so, in a Miami studio, with my producer Milton Salcedo, with Universal A&R director Pedro Guzmán, with Janina and three sound engineers, we recorded a song of hope for the future, “Esta Navidad.”

“A hope of love will knock on your door this Christmas. A new touch, and I love you, a sincere embrace, will cure all. This Christmas…”

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